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Dog dumped out of SUV now available for adoption

Local Humane Society brought her back to health
Dog dumped out of SUV now available for adoption
Posted at 6:22 PM, Dec 11, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-11 19:53:18-05

Three months after someone dumped a dog on the side of the road, the Elmbrook Humane Society says she is finally ready for a home. 

Witnesses told the shelter they saw someone push the dog out of an SUV in Brookfield before driving off. 

The Elmbrook Humane Society took her in and named her Gracie. They said she was severely emaciated, weighing only 18 pounds. 

She's now at a healthy 45 pounds and has regained her strength and energy. The staff says she's also improved mentally. 

"You can tell a lot by an animal's eyes," said Anita Alfaro, the development director at Elmbrook. "It's so fun to see her now, she looks at you and she's excited, where before when she looked at you, she was sad." 

Alfaro says they never received any credible leads about who harmed Gracie. After a while, they decided to focus all of their attention on getting her better. 

Originally, they thought she was about two years old, but now think she's closer to nine months old. They say she gets along great with other dogs, and has been living in a foster home for the last several months. 

She will be available for adoption starting Tuesday, December 12. Interested families can fill out an application in person or online. You can also call the shelter for more information about Gracie.