Dirty P gang member charged after exchanging gunfire near Racine school

Posted: 5:10 PM, May 01, 2018
Updated: 2018-05-01 22:10:52Z

RACINE--A member of the Dirty P street gang was charged with recklessly endangering safety in a school zone (among other offenses) after exchanging fire with an unknown suspect near the Fine Arts School, according to a criminal complaint. 

Donterrios Bell ran from by police after officers heard gunshots near 18th and Howe Streets on April 28. Bell allegedly scaled fences and dropped a gun during the pursuit, as police repeatedly told him to stop and show his hands. 

When Bell was finally detained, he said an unknown black male shot at him and left in a black Nisan. Later, police found casings and three bullet holes in the front of a home on Howe Street where two people were inside.

Another woman was driving when her vehicle was struck by gunfire. 

"She observed two people arguing on opposite sides of the street, one party with a gun. Her vehicle was processed for evidence and officers located two bullet holes--one in the rear, driver's side bumper and a second in the front, passenger door--which traveled into the front passenger's seat and came to a rest under the seat," said the criminal complaint. 

The handgun that police recovered was reported stolen during a burglary five days earlier.