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'Different energy for the kids': Former Bucks player hopes to open new middle school in Milwaukee

Brandon Jennings shared details on BALL City Academy
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Posted at 6:50 AM, May 19, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-19 07:50:53-04

MILWAUKEE — Former Milwaukee Bucks player and creator of 'Bucks in Six' mantra Brandon Jennings is hoping to open a new middle school in Milwaukee.

According to a tweet from Jennings, he wants to create a protective and nurturing school for kids who are facing the same challenges he faced as a child.

In what appears to be a letter to a 'potential contributor' for the school, Jennings related to kids today saying he was raised in a single-parent home, and money and resources were scarce.

"As a product of the inner city, I had to do my best to avoid drugs and gang violence whenever possible," Jennings wrote in the letter. He went on to say basketball was his saving grace, but there are many other ways to become successful outside of sports and entertainment.

"The resources must be within reach. I was blessed to grow from a child to a man in Milwaukee, so I want to make sure that youth have their own outlets and resources in this great city that I called home," Jennings wrote.

He said for many, school is not interesting nor fun. But, with the help of contributors, Jennings wants to create a school environment students can look forward to.

"Education is a birthright, but rarely is it a welcoming experience that students desire. BALL City Academy will be that protecting and nurturing place," he wrote. "We will make sure that every student benefits both inside and outside of school."

The letter, posted onJennings' Twitter page, appears to be asking for people to join his team and "make this dream a reality." He said, "the youth of Milwaukee deserve it and we can make it happen together!"

In addition to the letter, Jennings also shared a photo of a fact sheet, of sorts, describing what the school would be, and what it would offer. That page lists the academy's mission, and why students and parents should choose BALL City Academy.

The mission reads, "Form a middle school community where students will live with integrity, attain mastery, and build legacies in the Milwaukee community and across the globe."

As to why parents and students should choose BALL? The sheet says it will offer a CHOICE Program from grades 6-8 with high school expansion possible.

It says students will acquire certifications in various trades, prepare for post-secondary education, take advantage of authentic work experiences outside of school, and be offered onsite daycare for families and educators.

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