Did Wisconsin get it wrong in April primary?

Posted at 4:33 PM, Apr 28, 2016
and last updated 2016-04-28 18:27:13-04

Momentum in the race for president shifted after the Wisconsin primary election, but not in the way voters predicted.

Wisconsin got major attention for that vote and will likely be thrust into the spotlight again for the general election.

“It's so interesting that Wisconsin got it wrong,” UWM Political Science Professor Mordecai Lee said.

Lee says exactly what he's thinking, even if it means telling the entire state of Wisconsin our political instincts were off.

“Now with the retrospective of a couple weeks it looks like Wisconsin simply got it wrong,” Lee said.

He's talking about our primary election. Many thought it would be a game changer for both parties' nominations.

That was just three weeks ago, and voters here picked Ted Cruz and Bernie Sanders. Now both of those candidates are struggling.

“I think that we can now say there are two presumptive nominees. Donald Trump on the Republican side and Hillary Clinton on the Democratic side,” Lee said.

Lee predicts even though Wisconsin seems to have picked the wrong candidates, we'll be getting a lot of attention from them in the future.

“I think with Wisconsin being one of only half a dozen battleground states. One of only half a dozen states that could easily go democratic or easily go republican that that's going to be the focus of the campaign,” Lee said.

And expect to feel the push to vote because turnout could make or break a campaign.  More voters tends to mean Wisconsin goes democratic.