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Debate over proposed 24-hour daycare continues in Sheboygan

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Posted at 5:26 AM, Nov 09, 2021
and last updated 2021-11-10 06:16:05-05

SHEBOYGAN — SHEBOYGAN, Wis. — People showed up to a Sheboygan City Council meeting on opposite sides. Some spoke in favor of a 24/7 non-profit childcare facility called A Million Dreamz and others were against the idea.

Co-founder Angel Berry hopes to transform the former Sheboygan Christian School into a 24-hour childcare facility. She hopes to also serve families who have children with special needs, up until they turn 18 years old. She added, “We’re not here just for children up to 18 making poor choices. We've got lots of organizations handling that. There’s nobody taking care of special needs teenagers.”

She says the facility would also help parents who work second and third shifts at factories in Sheboygan County.

But many neighbors who live in the mostly residential area where the school is located are concerned. They showed up to a meeting last week, with 150 signatures opposing the rezoning plan.

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Resident Mike Sprangers holding 14-pages of signatures opposing 24-hour daycare at Common Council public forum

They worry how a facility open 24 hours a day, seven days a week could change their peaceful neighborhood.

Berry replied, “We’re not going to open at 200 kids and three shifts. We will be opening slowly. One classroom at a time. One shift at a time, and it's going to take years before we hit our capacity.”

Despite the opposition, the re-zoning application was approved unanimously. Berry said, “I think it's just going to take time. There's still some misconceptions, there’s misunderstanding.”

Which Berry hopes to clear up at a city planning meeting next month. She must lay out more specific details about her plans to be granted a conditional use permit next.

Click here to learn more about A Million Dreamz.


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