Dashcam video shows suspect attacking officers

Posted: 7:04 AM, Jun 06, 2016
Updated: 2016-06-06 08:14:36-04

Shocking new police dashcam video shows several police officers being attacked by a suspect in Greenfield. Two officers were injured so badly they were rushed to the hospital.

"Shoot me. Shoot me (expletive)," says the suspect police identify as Byron Vaughns, 21.

"I do not need to do this. You need to get down on the ground," says an unidentified Greenfield Police Officer.

That was part of the conversation that occurred when Greenfield Police were called the Hideaway Motel at 5105 South 27th Street on May 29th.

Vaughns goes on saying "no" to every request officers make to him.  One of the officers then reached for his Taser.

"I'm a gangster. Don't play with me folks," says Vaughns.

The officer fired the Taser, hitting Vaughns. You can see him break away and get into a struggle with officers.

"He actually hit one of the officers," says Sgt. Matthew Borchardt, Greenfield Police Department.

As officers tried to control the suspect you can see one of the officers on the ground.

"He hit the pole and was rendered unconscious," says Sgt. Borchardt.

Police say that officer suffered a concussion and needed stitches. Another officer who was hit also ended up in the hospital.

Officials say the whole thing started because Vaughns' mother was involved with a domestic situation with another man. Vaughns then confronted officers when they got to the scene.

"In a situation where they were facing a lot of adversity in my opinion they did what they could to try and get the subject to comply," says Sgt. Borchardt.

Vaughns is now charged with two felonies. Police say it did not need to escalate to that.

"If you aren't involved in the incident try not to get yourself involved," says Sgt. Borchardt.

Vaughns is due in court June 13.