Danny Glover helps celebrate multi-million dollar Bronzeville development

Posted at 6:38 PM, Jun 18, 2018

Hollywood royalty was in Milwaukee Monday.  Actor Danny Glover took the stage at the future site of America's Black Holocaust Museum to celebrate the multi-million dollar project in Bronzeville.  

"The healing that goes on here, the healing that happens in this place, it's healing has to be a part of what happens for the entire city as you said, the entire state as you said and the entire country," said Glover.

Most would say 4th and North never looked so good.  It is now home to new apartments and soon America's Black Holocaust Museum.  Virgil Cameron's dad first founded the museum in 1988.

"There's parts of history that need to be told.  If we don't tell the history now it has an opportunity to come back again," said Virgil Cameron, dad founded America's Black Holocaust Museum.

The museum will re-open in the fall in the same spot it stood before closing a decade ago.  There are still apartments available to rent.

"The combination of the bricks and mortar, the combination of the art, and then the combination of bringing in all that rich history from the museum makes it very catalytic," said Melissa Goins, Maures Development Group.