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Cudahy police investigate first homicide since 2016

There is no threat to the public
Cudahy police investigate homicide
Posted at 11:52 AM, Mar 02, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-02 23:12:23-05

Cudahy Police are investigating a suspicious death as a homicide outside a multi-family housing complex near Packard and College Avenue.

Cudahy Police Chief Thomas Poellot said the body of a man was found inside a garage behind the housing complex overnight on Friday. The homicide investigation comes as a shock to Frank Reed, who said he was inside one of the units Thursday night. 

“It wasn’t nothing really going on. I was hanging with my friend and that was it and we went to go get something to eat and I went to work,” he said. 

Reed claims he was there until around midnight and did not see or hear anything suspicious, but when police were called to the area, they found a body in a garage around back.  

“It’s quiet, kids play and run everywhere and this happens? It just makes you think, ‘what is the world coming to?’” Reed said. 

Poellot said Greenfield Police are also involved, but cannot share why at this time.  

“There are certain components that relate to Greenfield and certain components that relate to Cudahy,” Poellot said. 

Poellot said this appears to be an isolated incident. He assures the community there’s no indication people in the area are in danger.  

Neighbors believe the landlord of the apartment building is the person found deceased in the complex. 

"He owns it but he doesn't live here," said Gary Dimbowski. "Nobody knows if it happened here or someone brought him here."

Residents like Dimbowski and Steve Parsonns are still taken aback.

"I'd come out in the summertime and he'd wave me over and we'd talk," said Dimbowski.

“You usually don’t hear of anything too bad happening over here, these people are mostly by themselves and well behaved and well-controlled,” Parsonns said. 

As a neighbor, Delaney O’Keefe is anxiously awaiting the details of what led up to the man's death. 

“It’s nerve-racking because I’m new to the area and I don’t know that that would happen over here,” O’Keefe said. 

Poellot said he cannot release information on the victim or potential suspects. This marks Cudahy's first homicide investigation since 2016.