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Cudahy: Only solution to icy alleys is warmer weather

Posted at 4:55 PM, Feb 27, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-27 18:23:35-05

CUDAHY — Between Cudahy's decades-old alleys and this year's frosty winter, it may be awhile before the ice melts for good.

People who live in Cudahy described the rougher alleys as "treacherous." Some said there are areas where the ice is so thick and rocky that it could damage your car.

Not all of the alleys are terrible, but some are forcing people to avoid them.

"At least they're plowed. They are doing a decent job. Only issue I have is for the alleys is I wish they would salt more," said resident Jeff Oneal.

In response to concerns, Cudahy Public Works released a statement on their Facebook page saying there was nothing they could do. It reads:

The Department of Public Works appreciates the communication we’ve received from the citizens of Cudahy re: the many icy alleys throughout our city. Unfortunately, due to extreme weather conditions that have occurred over the past several weeks, there is nothing feasible the Department can do that will alleviate this situation … icy conditions are inherent to alleys in winter weather and will happen when snow melts and sump pumps drain into an alley.

Alleys constructed prior to 2008 were not designed to accommodate drainage. As a result, surface drainage just sits on the pavement. In these instances, salt is not effective as it will only melt the top ¼” and it will re-freeze before it can evaporate. The City doesn’t use sand because it will clog and pollute our downstream storm sewers.

One solution is to drive slow and wait for consistently warmer temperatures in the 40’s and sunshine. At that point, the ice will begin to melt and residents are encouraged to clean up your approach as much as possible. However, in the meantime, if you are experiencing challenges getting in and out of your garage it is recommended to have a bag of cat litter and sprinkle around the area of your driveway apron for additional traction.

Once again, we understand this winter has become frustrating for many of our citizens & Mother Nature is not through yet but we appreciate your help as we strive to keep Cudahy as safe and clear as possible.

"It’ll get warmer when it’s time to get warmer, 'til then all I can do is deal with it," said Oneal.