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Cudahy nixes pit bull restrictions

Posted at 11:14 PM, Aug 30, 2019
and last updated 2019-08-31 00:14:33-04

CUDAHY — The city of Cudahy has lifted its longstanding pit pull restrictions in a contentious 5-4 vote. Aldermen said the change was recommended because the rules were too difficult to enforce.

When Victoria Hildreth first brought her pit bull to Warnimont Dog Park, this sign informed her that her dog Joshua needed something he didn't have.

"He had to wear an orange leash because of his breed, and you see, he's a big ol' baby right now," Hildreth said.

That's no longer the case in Cudahy after city leaders decided to slash a laundry list of restrictions.

For the last decade, pit bulls in Cudahy needed a special annual $50 permit and their owners were required to provide proof of public liability insurance covering up to $100,000 in injuries just to name a couple of the rules. Residents including Angela Valerio appreciated those restrictions.

"One, they're scary, and when they clamp on you, forget it, they won't let go," Valerio said.

"I think they're very muscular, and they can be threatening," said Nick Marron.

Aldermen said few people followed the rules that were essentially unenforceable.

"One, they're scary, and when they clamp on you, forget it, they won't let go." — Cudahy resident Angela Valerio

"I'm so happy. I can take him off his leash," said Hildreth.

Hildreth believes there's a lot of misconceptions about dogs such as Joshua. She's hopeful this change means more pit bulls will find good homes in Cudahy.

While Cudahy has done away with pit bull restrictions, it still has what's called "vicious dog restrictions," meaning any dog that attacks a person or another domestic animal could be put down.