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Cougar sighting in Menomonee Falls has locals surprised

Posted at 5:51 PM, Feb 28, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-28 19:23:30-05

The DNR says the cougar recently spotted in Menomonee Falls was in the area of Silver Spring and Pilgrim Road.

The number of cougar sightings in recent weeks continues to grow and the people living in the Menomonee Falls are pretty surprised.

Earl Delaet Jr. doesn’t recall ever hearing about a cougar sighting in 39 years. 

“Well I see rabbits and I see woodchucks and I see squirrels,” Delaet Jr. said. “No cougar.”

Before it ran off, the one and a half-year-old cougar was last seen on surveillance photos. The DNR believes this is the same 50 pound cat seen in other parts of the state.

Richard Toth is hoping the cougar is far because he wants with dog Alice to be safe.

“It could be 30 miles away by now or maybe even more. They just wander so far,” Toth said. “We keep a pretty close eye on her. We let her out at night but we watch.”

Allison Malner is hoping the cougar moved on as well. She has kids and wants them to be as safe as possible and out of harms way.

“It is a little bit scary,” she said. “I do hope that they catch him and take him somewhere else where everyone including him will be happier.”

The DNR says it is likely a lone male. They also warn families not to approach the cat.

They also say it’s anybody’s guess where the cougar could be . If you do spot him you’re urged to call either the DNR at 1-888-936-7463 or your local enforcement agency.