Controversial 'promposal' puts New Berlin teen in hot water

Posted at 6:43 PM, May 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-09 19:43:39-04

A controversial "promposal" on social media is sparking a lot of reaction. At the center of it all is a New Berlin teen, who asked a girl to prom using a message some consider offensive.

The promposal referenced President Donald Trump and immigration. While the student behind this told TODAY'S TMJ4 there was no ill-intention, others feel it's something that shouldn't be made light of.

"One of my best friends, he was thinking of a fun, creative way to ask his date to prom," said student Noah Birenbaum

Eisenhower High School student Noah Birenbaum was there when his friend asked a classmate to prom with this poster that read "Will you make my night trump all others and let me deport you to prom?"

"Obviously it's kind of a current issue, but not something we thought people would be taken aback by," Birenbaum said.

After a quick post on social media, the promposal turned into the talk of the school and now the community.

"It was a sensitive topic and overall people had very polarizing opinions on it," said student Mirzook Mohis.

Mohis said some believe one word crossed the line.

"Deport is a very strong term which references the illegal immigrants and many actions that are called upon them," said Mohis.

The New Berlin School District is aware of the incident. Superintendent Joe Garza sent the following statement:

"'Promposals' most often happen outside of the school day and off school grounds, as was the case with this one. That said, if any of our students or their families were offended by this photo, or in any other circumstance, we are always happy to have conversations with them and work to find ways to support them."

"It kind of makes me feel sad because I know the kid personally and I know he didn't mean any ill-will toward people taking offense to it," said Birenbaum.

Mohis believes there is a lesson to be learned out of this about the use of social media.

"In 2018, there is a lot of dos and don'ts, a lot of nuances with what you can and cannot say," said Mohis.

Both students involved in the promposal declined interview requests.