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Construction stressing you out? We've got you covered

Posted at 8:53 PM, Jul 19, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-19 21:53:14-04

It's construction season in Wisconsin. 

Orange barrels can be found on local highways, interstates and major local roads like State Street and Wisconsin Avenue. 

According to drivers, delays in those work zones can cause a lot of stress. 

"It's frustrating," said Christina Dahms, of Milwaukee. "I think it's everyone is just confused about where they need to be, what lane to be driving in, where they need to turn, because there's just so much construction." 

Dahms has noticed other drivers caught in construction delays being very aggressive. 

Psychologist John Weaver, an expert on stress management, said that's common. 

"We plan for everything to go the way it should - so we end up thinking there won’t be any delays, any difficulties," Weaver said. "When we hit a delay and haven’t planned for it, it immediately becomes stressful." 

He said drivers should focus on the fact that a commute through a work zone is just a small part of the overall day. 

"We lose that perspective when we're in that spot, and we can't move as fast as we would like," Weaver said. 

Milwaukee County Sheriff Richard Schmidt said it's important drivers in work zones slow down and not tailgate. 

"We always have issues with people thinking they should be going a lot faster than they are," the Sheriff said. 

"The more aggressive we drive, the less of a chance we have to get to our destination safely," Schmidt said. "Slow down, and give a bit of room."