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Company offering self-defense classes for nurses post parking garage death

Posted at 8:40 AM, Feb 03, 2019
and last updated 2019-02-03 09:52:33-05

The murder of nurse practitioner Carlie Beaudin, 33, in a parking garage at Froedtert Hospital, is putting the safety of parking garages in question, especially for workers who come and go at odd hours.

In the wake of Beaudin’s death, many local nurses have been expressing their concerns.

MK Protection Services in Menomonee Falls is stepping-up to help, in honor of Beaudin. The owners are offering both free and discounted self-defense workshop for nurses.

“We teach things that are easy to learn and easy to remember under extreme stress,” said Malissa Misch. “Things for any age group or physical ability. With the information and training we have, we want to share it with these other people that must feel very vulnerable right now.”

“It’s practical tips and learning to use some of the tools you have on your body,” said Bill Stedman. “Going for the most vulnerable spots on an attacker - the eyes and throat. We call those primary targets.”

They will share a wide variety of recommendations and strategies to improve awareness and stress response. If you are a nurse and want to participate in the free workshop, call MK Protection Services at 414-795-5598.