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Community rallies around Cedarburg couple after they received a racist letter

Posted at 10:10 PM, Mar 05, 2020
and last updated 2020-03-05 23:23:43-05

CEDARBURG — An interracial family received a taunting and threatening letter shortly after moving into a new home in Cedarburg. Shannon Lilly and her fiancé received a letter addressed to "The Scums."

The message read:

"What the [expletive] happened to you that you would live with a piece of [expletive]. No one wants you infecting the area, so take the [n-word] and those turd's with you and get the [expletive] out. Move to the ghetto scum!"

"It was shock. I mean, you hope we've grown beyond something like this," said Lilly.

Lilly, her fiancé, and their two children have been living in Cedarburg for years, but recently moved to a new neighborhood. They got that letter in the mail Wednesday. Lilly turned it over to the Ozaukee County Sheriff's Office and posted it on Facebook. In response, members of the community decided to rally for the family.

shannon and family.jpg
Shannon Lilly and her family

"We reject the hateful words of that letter. We acknowledge the hurt of this family and grieve with the community surrounding us," said Erica Turner from Bridge the Divide, a racial reconciliation group.

"We don't condone this type of intolerance and hate, and we are here to support and love them," said Danielle Savick, a rally organizer.

Lilly said when she arrived at the crowds of people, signs, and candles at the rally, it was overwhelming.

"It is so beautiful, I just wanted to cry. I'm emotional," said Lilly.

And her message to the person who mailed hate to her family.

"We're not going anywhere," said Lilly.

The Ozaukee County sheriff officer is investigating the letter. So far, they have not found the person responsible.

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