Comedian Bill Burr: Milwaukee ‘might be my favorite city in the country'

Stand up comedian Bill Burr sure does love Milwaukee. 

He loves the sausages at Vanguard. He loves the Bronze Fonz. And he LOVES the steam room at The Pfister Hotel. 

In fact, he called the Pfister his, “favorite hotel in the United States of America.”

On his podcast Monday he shared his love for the Cream City after he played the Riverside Theater last weekend. 

 “I cannot say enough good things about that city,” Burr said on his show. “It might be my favorite city in the country.” 

He added, "And the comedy crowds in Milwaukee, they’re unbelievable."

To hear more about his adventures in the Good Land, listen to the slightly NSFW episode of Burr’s Monday Morning Podcast on his website

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