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City to vote on making 'People's Flag' official

Posted at 8:54 PM, Jul 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-07-18 07:04:00-04

The “People’s Flag of Milwaukee” could soon become the “official” flag of Brew City if it passes a Steering & Rules Committee vote at city hall on Thursday.

Resolution 180339 sponsored by Aldermen Khalif Rainey, Cavalier Johnson and Bob Donovan moves to adopt the flag as the new official city flag. 

The flag titled “Sunrise over the Lake” was designed by Robert Lenz and won a competition where artists and students created flag designs for the “People’s Flag of Milwaukee Design Initiative.”

The current flag of the city was adopted by the council in January of 1955 and has remained ever since. 

Steve Kodis with “Milwaukee Flag”—the initiative lobbying for the use of the new flag—said, “People are aligned with its message and, that is ‘simple.’ It rallies us to look forward to a new day.”

Kodis is hoping residents of Milwaukee will attend Thursday’s meeting regardless of how they feel about the flag.

“We encourage anybody that supports the new flag or has used it or flies it, to come and speak in front of the steering committee and let them know,” said Kodis.

Across the street from city hall, building owner Sheldon Oppermann has placed the largest “People’s Flag” yet atop his 16 story building.

“We think that spurring the conversation is important. Like this flag or don’t like this flag, it’s a choice now that gets to be made” said Oppermann. 

The Steering & Rules Committee will hear public comment on the issue Thursday at its 1:30 p.m. meeting. If the resolution makes it out of committee, it will be voted on by the full council at a later date.