Church leaders, supporters to post bail for protesters arrested at fast food rally

Posted at 5:13 PM, Oct 03, 2018
and last updated 2018-10-03 21:48:26-04

Milwaukee police arrested more than 20 fast food workers and other advocates fighting for a $15 minimum wage.

“I was advised that there were approximately 100 protestors at 9th and North Ave who entered the roadway and refused to leave. Protesters were told to exit the roadway or be subject to arrest. Approximately 23 protestors refused to leave the roadway and were arrested for obstructing the roadway; there was one disorderly subject who was arrested for disorderly conduct. There was no force used in effecting the arrests,” said Sergeant Sheronda Grant with the Milwaukee Police Department. 

The fast food workers in Wednesday’s Milwaukee rally are part of a national campaign called “Fight for $15” where cooks, cashiers and others employed by fast food chains are demanding a $15 dollar minimum hourly wage.

Terrence Wise took part in the demonstration. He wasn’t arrested at the rally but told TODAY’S TMJ4 participants blocked the road on purpose. 

“Normally when you see folks being arrested you turn on your television, it’s something criminal, but today it was to highlight the criminal behavior that these companies and politicians display when every day working Americans can’t even survive,” said Wise who works at a fast food company and has been a part of the “Fight for $15” movement for six years. 

Workers at the Milwaukee rally said local church leaders and other supporters will be stepping in to bail those arrested out of jail.

Rally advocates said similar strikes will continue across the Midwest with one taking place Thursday in Chicago at the McDonald’s corporate headquarters. More than 1,000 fast-food and other services workers are expected to participate.