Chunk of ice smashes Milwaukee man's windshield

Posted at 5:39 PM, Apr 17, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-17 18:38:57-04

A very close call in Waukesha County when a piece of ice crashed right through the windshield of Mandela Barne’s car.

It was a scary situation that Barnes says happened so fast. He was driving back to Milwaukee Monday night when the icy slab fell off a big rig and shattered his glass.

"It's just something totally unexpected," Barnes said.

He’s been driving for 15 years never experienced anything like this.

"It was no way to see that coming," he said.

Barnes was on his way back from a speaking engagement in Lacrosse on I-94. 

"We were in the left lane and the truck was in the middle," Barnes said.

And that's when he says it all happened just before midnight.

Barnes and his campaign manager took photos; you can see the snow in the cracks.

"It could've ended much worse and caused myself to crash into the median or even cause something else with cars behind me," he said.

It happened on the same day the Columbia Sheriff's Office put out pictures ofa SUVbeing damaged from a large chunk of ice flying off another car, a man and child were injured in the crash.

Barnes hopes this story serves as a reminder for all drivers to clear the snow before they go.

"Just glad we're ok, I'm glad it wasn't worse," he said.

Barnes got his front windshield fixed Tuesday. He was able to get the license plate and truck number and plans to file a claim.