Authorities warn of snow danger on cars after Wisconsin man, child injured

Posted at 9:02 PM, Apr 16, 2018
and last updated 2018-04-16 23:34:16-04

A man and child were injured in Columbia County after snow and ice broke free from the car ahead of them, smashing into their windshield, according to a Facebook post from the Columbia County Sheriff's Office.

"It's a projectile heading straight for your windshield," said Lt. Dan Tyk with North Shore Fire & Rescue. 

He says while they haven't responded to anything similar in this recent snowstorm, firefighters have noticed large amounts of snow falling off cars and trucks. 

"Snow has definitely flown off cars a lot faster than we normally would see in the really, really cold months where it's caked and frozen on there," said Tyk. 

Wisconsin state law requires drivers to clean snow off all windows, but there's no specific law regarding the roof of the car. 

Lt. Tyk says even if it's not the law, it's something drivers should do to avoid causing an accident. 

"Even if the snows not hitting them, those split second decisions," he said. "You see something flying at you and you make a defensive move which sets off a chain reaction." 

The fine in Wisconsin for not clearing off your windows is $175. That includes the side and back windows.