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Chuck Todd: Funding police with unspent Covid-19 relief money, closing in on January 6th investigation

TMJ4's Charles Benson asks NBC's Chuck Todd about this week's big stories.
Posted at 8:48 PM, May 13, 2022
and last updated 2022-05-13 21:48:43-04

Can Covid money help cut crime and will we ever really know what Republican leaders were thinking on January 6th?

TMJ4'S Chief Political Reporter Charles Benson talk's about all this with NBC's Moderator of Meet the Press Chuck Todd.

President Biden met with police chiefs and mayors Friday to address surging crime rates across the country. President Biden urged local governments to use remaining Covid money to hire more police.

Benson: Is the president trying to walk a fine line here with people who want safer streets but may be leery of more policing?
Todd: I don't think he's walking a fine line. I think he's going all in on funding the police.

"I think in this case, he's trying to lead his party to say the Democrats are not the party of defund the police. Republicans have spent two years making that case, so I think Democrats have a lot of work to do. It's pretty important here in certain places, including Wisconsin, for the leader of the Democratic Party to be decidedly on the side of funding the police."

The House select committee hearings on the investigation into January 6th are less than a month away. Minority leader Kevin McCarthy and four other Republicans have now been subpoenaed, McCarthy calling it an "illegitimate investigating".

Benson: Is this headed to the finish line or a long court battle?
Todd: I think it's headed more towards the finish line.

"I do think this is a case where you and I as reporters, we are reporting a tough story on a subject, we go to the subject and we ask: do you have a response before we go to press? I think some of this is, do you guys want to respond before we got to press essentially, before we go public."

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