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Child thrown and pinned under car after Milwaukee crash, two others also hurt

Posted at 9:48 PM, Dec 11, 2019
and last updated 2019-12-11 23:26:59-05

MILWAUKEE — A child was thrown and pinned under a car after a crash near 49th and Villard. His mother and another sibling were also hurt in that accident and taken to the hospital.

49th 2.JPG
Crash at 49th and Villard leaves an adult and two children hurt.

Surveillance video captured the moment of the collision between a blue SUV and a white Honda.

"As soon as I heard the crash I came running out of the house. I came running down here. That's when I ran over to the vehicle right away," said witness David Jennings. "There's two other men over there and the baby was still underneath the car. We had to lift it up and push it up over the baby."

Jennings said the baby is a five-year-old boy.

49th crash 1.JPG
Child pinned under white Honda after being thrown from the vehicle during a crash.

"He wasn't moving at first. He had his eyes closed. I thought the worst. But then his eyes opened up and we kept talking to him," said Jennings.

The boy's aunt arrived on the scene after he was taken away by an ambulance.

"Oh god, my heart stopped. Just tragic," said Hattie Wooten when she saw the car after the crash.

The surveillance video shows the blue SUV driving down the road and hitting the white Honda as it turns. The person driving the SUV didn't speak on camera but told us that the woman turned in front of him. Witnesses say the person driving the blue vehicle was speeding.

"Villard Avenue turns into a racetrack at times. They are just speeding way too fast," said Jennings. "They need to slow down. We need to slow down."

Police say the two children in the crash are in serious condition. Both drivers stayed on the scene and are cooperating.