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Chief Morales speaks out for first time since Fire and Police Commission issued their directives

Posted at 11:05 PM, Jul 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-07-23 00:05:35-04

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales broke his silence for the first time since he was issued directives by the Fire and Police Commission. It was part of his 6-month review - the commission said he had to meet them in order to keep his job.

Since the 11 directives were issued to the chief, he has let only his lawyer speak on his behalf. Wednesday afternoon, Morales finally spoke out, talking to Wisconsin's Afternoon News with John Mercure and 620WTMJ Radio.

“I can’t thank community enough for the letters of support. That is our energy that keeps us moving forward,” said Morales.

Monday’s meeting was met with a lot of attention from the community. Some people showed up to support the city’s top cop. Other community members were also there to protest the chief and asking that he step down. They marched in the streets during the meeting.

In Wednesday’s interview, Mercure asked Morales about his relationship with Mayor Tom Barrett.

“Does he seek you out to discuss law enforcement issues in Milwaukee?” Asked Mercure.

“I would probably want to say that at a later time,” said Morales.

The chief was also asked if he would consider retirement.

Milwaukee Police Chief Alfonso Morales the night of the mass shooting at Molson Coors Brewery in the Miller Valley.

“I am a product of the City of Milwaukee from training and mentoring that comes from all races and genders. And it's very tough to walk away when it’s my turn to pass on what was given to me,” said Morales.

The chief said he is going to work to meet all the directives given to him by the Fire and Police Commission by their deadlines.

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