Chief Flynn on baby drowning: "There's no making sense of this"

Man accused of drowning 3-month-old son
Posted at 4:37 PM, Aug 01, 2016
and last updated 2016-08-01 21:35:07-04

Milwaukee Police Chief Ed Flynn had strong words to Monday about a weekend incident in which a father allegedly drowned his 3- month-old son.

"I think the series of events that led up to that man drowning his child is just about one of the most horrific things I've certainly encountered in my police career," Flynn said.

Police responded to the Northridge Lakes community Saturday night after the parents of 3-month-old Sean Flowers III got into an argument. Police say the baby's father then carried the infant into a lake, submerged up to his chest.

Responding officers immediately ran into the lake and tried to rescue the baby, but it was too late.

"Those officers did a remarkable job trying to save that child," Flynn said. "They were all in, they gave it everything they had and quite honestly the emotional toll that takes of them is traumatic and real."

The baby's father has not yet been charged but Flynn says the man was known to police.

"There's no making sense of this," Flynn said. "I mean there's no way to work backwards from this incident and in any way think this could be a predictable event. I can't imagine what was in that man's head. I can't imagine. I'll never be able to figure that out, it's just wretched."