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Chicago gang transported '1-3 kilos of heroin a month' to Milwaukee

Posted at 10:24 PM, Aug 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-08-10 23:25:20-04

New details on a major raid in Milwaukee were released on Friday. Unsealed documents from the undercover raid show just how much heroin was smuggled up here from Chicago by a violent street gang.

The FBI said they are all connected to the gang the Vice Lords. 

"The main subject of this is linked to the Vice Lords in Chicago. But also has links to the Vice Lords here in Milwaukee as well," said FBI Assistant Special Agent in Charge Robert Botsch.

The Southeastern Wisconsin Regional Gang Task Force made up of FBI, DEA, ATF along with Milwaukee and Wauwatosa Police searched eight homes all at the same time Wednesday.

They were searching for eight different men, James Harris, 52, James Coleman, 60, Nequann Terry, 24, Roderick Ramsey, 32, Don Tillman, 49, Antoine Jeff, 41, Todd McGown, 50, and Casey Johnson, 52.

The FBI says they say have a supply line of heroin running from the Chicago gang to their Milwaukee homes.

Federal prosecutors charged all the men with selling, distributing or dispensing a control substance. Newly released documents show between "1-3 kilos of heroin a month" is being brought in to just one member of the organization.

"At times it gets sold in tenth of a gram weight quantities so you are talking significant, significant weight of heroin," said Botsch.

On top of that, documents show they keep guns with the drugs. Ramsey had a detention hearing Friday. Court records show a federal prosecutor said he keeps "four firearms" at three different locations "where he resides and where he deals from."

All the men have pleaded not guilty to the charges. The FBI is still searching for Don Tillman. If you know where he is you are urged to call the FBI in Milwaukee at 414-276-4684.