Cat rescued from dryer vent in Grafton given 'Maytag' nickname

'Maytag' now needs your help!
Posted at 12:46 PM, Mar 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-03-06 15:28:43-05

SAUKEVILLE, WI - A one-year-old cat was rescued after being stuck in a dryer vent last February.

The staff at the Wisconsin Humane Society Ozaukee Campus appropriately nicknamed her "Maytag," and the organization is now asking for contributions to cover the kitten's medical care. 

She sustained deep wounds to her head, ears and leg, likely trying to escape the vent. Despite the pain,  Vice President of Communications Angela Speed says she's the ideal patient.

"She doesn’t even mind having her bandages changed, and our staff and volunteers adore her. I’m so glad we’re able to save her – she was in tremendous pain when she first arrived,” Speed continued. 

Maytag is expected to be healthy enough for adoption in one to two weeks. If you are interested in adopting or making a contribution, you are asked to call WHS at (414) 431-6119.