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Burglars posed as Foxconn workers steal cash, jewelry from Mount Pleasant couple

Posted at 10:14 PM, Feb 09, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-09 23:59:52-05

A Mount Pleasant couple in their 80’s was scammed in their home after a suspect posed as a Foxconn worker lied his way inside.

With help from three others, he took off with cash and jewelry. Once the couple became wary of the situation the burglars were already inside.

“What could we do? If we would have said something, approached them or something who knows what they would have done to us,” said Lucille Sauder, a victim. 

County Line Road in Mount Pleasant has been home to the Sauder’s for 48 years. They’re about to lose their three acres to eminent domain because of Foxconn.

“The guy came to the door and he says we’ve got to check your water,” Sauder said. 

Lucille and Elmer noticed waterline work nearby. They assumed it was a contractor with Foxconn. 

“I thought it sounded kinda funny...if he wants to stand here and run the water let him do it,” Sauder said. 

A second man came in to talk to Elmer while Lucille was in the kitchen. The homeowner had her suspicions. 

“I say we’ve got a well why would a water line effect us? Oh, we just gotta be sure,” Sauder said. 

Elmer saw two more men come in. He thought one went in the kitchen and the other went to check the bathroom. 

“I was not aware that those two men were even in the house at any time. Well, of course, they were down in the bedroom helping themselves,” Sauder said. 

They stole hundreds of dollars in cash and jewelry.

“The one that might have been worth a little bit more because it was a pearl necklace that my sister gave me when I stood up in her wedding,” Sauder said. 

Now looking back Lucille thinks they were all communicating. 

“There’s one time I heard him say well it’ll be about five more minutes so now I know he was warming them he needs to finish up,” Sauder said. 

The 83-year-old realized she’d been scammed hours later when she went to bed. 

“I went to throw back the covers on the bed I heard something fall on the floor and I reached down to pick it up and see it’s a couple drawers from my jewelry box and I thought, 'Oh boy, now we know why people were here',” said Sauder. 

The Sauders hope others learn from their mistake. 

“I hope it’s a warning to other people so that they don’t get away with doing anymore,” said Sauder. 

The four suspects left in a cream-colored SUV.

Police have seen an increase in scams like these and they remind residents not to let anyone in their home they don’t know.