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Burglar cuts through walls to steal from South side businesses

Posted at 10:36 PM, Feb 06, 2018
and last updated 2018-02-07 00:10:42-05

A few south side Milwaukee businesses are forced to make some major repairs after a burglar cut through their walls.

Court records show the suspect has been cutting through walls to get in the stores and make off with merchandise.

"I'm so mad," said Arnoldo Hernandez who owns Mexico Travel Agency. 

He is one of four business hit on Cesar Chavez Drive and Mineral Street just south of National Avenue. Police say the break-ins started last May and some of the businesses have been hit multiple times.

According to court records, the man is using different ways but cutting into the building from the outside.

"They make a hole in the ceiling and come through," said Pablo Razo, the owner of Soccer World, describing one of the times he was burglarized.

It is costing Razo at least $1,000 in merchandise. Everything from soccer jerseys to warm up jackets. But each time the repairs cost much more.

But the damage is even worse next door to him at Hernandez's business. The burglar cut through four walls to get into the Mexican Travel Agency.

He started with the garage door, cut through a workroom, cut into another wall and couldn't get through. So Hernandez said he went into a side room and cut through that wall and then climbed into the ceiling.

Hernandez said it was all to steal perfume.

Court records show police finally caught the man trying to hide in the ceiling of the travel agency. The man is not yet facing charges. 

These family-owned businesses say they just want him stopped.

"The business is really bad in the winter and now these people come and take it so I'm really in a bad situation for us," Razo said.

Police said the burglar also hit MC Multsiervicios and Latin Hair Salon on Cesar Chavez.