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Family mourns loss of daughter in Brown Deer shooting: 'She was the life. The life of the family'

Arieuna Reed was a student and mother of a toddler when she was killed.
Posted at 5:14 PM, Feb 06, 2022
and last updated 2022-02-08 19:45:13-05

BROWN DEER — Arieuna Reed’s brother Aaron moved away from Milwaukee.

He was afraid to start a family in a violent city.

But it was the gun violence he fled that led him to rush back home after learning something terrible had happened to his sister.

“It’s like a hole I ain’t never going to be able to close," said Reed.

According to Reed and his family, Arieuna's ex-boyfriend, and father of her child, shot and killed her at the Park Plaza Apartmentswhere he lived in Brown Deer.

Family says she was there to drop off her two-year-old son, Egypt, so he could still spend time with his father.

Arieuna Reed
Arieuna Reed
Arieuna Reed
Arieuna Reed

Police have yet to name the suspect in the shooting or any of the victims. But the suspect's brother confirmed to TMJ4 news that man's name is Larvell Huddleston. His family did not give further comment.

According to police, the suspect shot and killed a woman during a domestic dispute.

Police also say the suspect shot and killed a man, and injured another man, who, police believe, were trying to intervene in the dispute.

Dozens of police officers from multiple agencies responded to shots fired at the apartments and surrounded the building.

The suspect shot at officers from a second-floor balcony, but no police were injured.

At some point during the standoff, the gunman, police believe, shot and killed himself.

Aaron Reed, said when they were young, he always looked out for his sister. And now, he’ll do his best to speak for her, and live for her.

“She was the life. The life of the family," said Reed. "Anytime we came together, we always looked to my little sister to keep the joint going.”

According to family, Arie, as they called her, was studying to be a RN. They also said she ran a small design company.

"To know her is to love her," said Reed's uncle, Guy Alicea-Reed. "I'm going to miss her very dearly."

Alicea-Reed said his family is at a loss that the gun violence in the city has touched their family.

"For it to hit home like the way it's hitting home — it's diabolical. It's really diabolical. We are hurting so bad," said Alicea-Reed.

According to Arieuna's mother, Tracy, Arie loved her close-knit family.

Together, they'll now be raising her son who lost his mother and father this weekend.

“Anything he can possibly need and want in life, he can always call me. I’ll always come back home in a heartbeat," said Reed. "Not having a father in his life is going to be tough. But we're going to be there for him."

Reed's family said they've launched a GoFundMe, linked here, to help with funeral costs and raising Egypt.

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