Brookfield family grows to 19 kids and counting

Posted at 6:33 PM, Oct 27, 2017
and last updated 2017-10-27 20:10:23-04

A Brookfield family of 16 just officially adopted three more children Friday morning, and they have no plans on stopping.

The O’Briens are regulars around the Waukesha County Juvenile Court for all the right reasons.
The couple has made it their mission to take in children who have special needs, or have bounced around in the system, and give them a forever home. 

"Our ministry and our gift and our calling is to take in broken and wounded children and help them to grow up to be beautiful flowers," said mother Lori O'Brien, as she fights back tears.

Despite doing this 16 other times, Lori and Daniel O'Brien say each time is nervewracking and special. 

Isaiah O’Brien, 12, knows just how special his mom and dad are, because at 8 years old he had nowhere to go.

"I was in a group home before that and before that I got kicked out of school, so I had to go to he group home," said Isaiah O’Brien.

His parents adopted not only him, but his 7-year-old twin brothers. 

"It means that you are going to be our mommy forever and our daddy forever," said twin Malachi O’Brien.

"We are going to get adopted and then we will be O’Briens forever," said twin Mikey O’Brien.
And the adopting will likely not stop at 19. The O'Briens have two foster children right now.