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Branch causes power line explosion in Milwaukee’s Washington Heights neighborhood

Some neighbors there are still waiting for their power to come back on.
Posted at 10:35 PM, Aug 11, 2021
and last updated 2021-08-11 23:42:41-04

MILWAUKEE — It’s been 24 hours since thousands of people lost power into the night. In Milwaukee’s Washington Heights neighborhood, along 1800 N. Hi Mount Blvd., some residents gathered outside to see the large tree that fell along the road as it was finally removed.

“There were a few scary moments. No question about it,” said C.J. Murray, a resident who lost power during the storms Tuesday night.

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C.J. Murray

When the large tree out front fell, he was focused on what he saw behind his home.

“I started hearing some wind. Some pops. Breaks. I look out the window and notice the power line is on fire,” Murray said. “We just focused on the fire that was right behind us.”

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C.J.’s story is like thousands of others. We Energies said power-related outages will exceed 225,000 customers.

TMJ4 News spoke with Gov. Tony Evers, who surveyed damaged Wednesday in southern Wisconsin. He said he sees people coming together to help each other during troubling times.

“What I see frankly, is the resilience of Wisconsin’s people. There’s people working together. Trying to take care of each other,” Evers said.

Gov. Tony Evers

In the meantime, people like C.J. are waiting things out and clearing their yards, while hoping for a brighter day inside their homes come morning.

“I think we’ll give it tonight, we’ll sleep in the basement if it goes past then, we’ll have to find some other accommodations,” he said.

Evers said no municipalities have yet reached out to the state for aid at this point, and urges people to contact their county’s emergency management officials if they need aid.

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