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Body cam video released in Wauwatosa police shooting of teen during stolen car investigation

The video shows officers shooting a teen after he refused to drop a gun. Police stopped the car the teen was in, thinking it was stolen, but it wasn't.
Posted at 6:04 PM, Aug 22, 2022

Body camera video was released Monday, providing a first look at an officer-involved shooting that happened in Wauwatosa in April.

The release comes after the Milwaukee County District Attorney ruled the officers were justified in their actions.

The video shows officers shooting 17-year-old Damiso Lee after he refused to drop a gun in an alleyway near 92nd and Congress. Police stopped the car Lee was in, thinking it was stolen, but it wasn't.

The car had been reported stolen by Lee's family and then found, but they never reported the recovery to the police.

Lee survived the shooting but his family shared that he will deal with the permanent physical and mental injuries.

The teen's attorney, William Sulton, believes Lee was never a threat.

"The body camera footage and the dash cam footage are clear. Damiso was not holding a firearm in his hand. He was not pointing it at the officer, he was not moving toward the officer in an aggressive fashion at all. So, under those circumstances, he could not be shot," said Sulton.

Monday afternoon, District Attorney John Chisolm ruled the officer's use of force was within their rights and therefore his office will not file charges.

"The fact that somebody is doing something wrong doesn't mean that you can get shot down in the street, that's not the law in our country, and thank God that it's not," said Sulton.

Wauwatosa Police

Lee has been charged with possession of a dangerous firearm. His attorneys say they are still waiting for more investigative materials from both Wauwatosa and Milwaukee police departments.


TMJ4 previously spoke with Damiso Lee, who said he is the father of the 17-year-old. After learning about what happened, he said he felt anger and panic.

"As long as he's alright. That's one of the answers. They won't tell me nothing," he said. "He's a good kid. He DoorDashes. He's a typical kid."

Lee said the teenager was picking up his brother from his mom's home.

"They were on the phone with him and as soon as they got off the phone with them they heard shots," Lee said.

"I wish the subject involved a quick recovery," Wauwatosa Police Chief James MacGillis previously said. " But let's get down to brass tacks here. Why did a 17-year-old have a gun in their hand? Why does that happen? They're endangering their own lives, endangering the lives of my officers and the community, and this has to stop."

See the full video from the Wauwatosa Police Department here.

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