Bocce ball a fun cure for the winter blues

Posted at 5:42 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 19:56:06-05

This week we found our Weekend Warriors where you least expect them - at a bar. It’s the most unexpected sport in the most unexpected place that will get you through these winter months.

It’s winter in Milwaukee, so you may want to stop at Steny's Tavern and Grill, grab a drink, pull up a seat, and enjoy some bocce ball.

“Doesn't matter how much snow is on the ground when you can set up these portable courts inside,” explained American Bocce Co. Co-founder Matt David. “You can play and have fun with your friends and peers at any time of the year.”

Thanks to the American Bocce Co., the sport will now be featured at four bars throughout the city.

“In an effort to bring people together,” David said.

“I've met a lot of different people that I probably would have never met in this city,” said bocce ball player Lauren Peter.

She’s sharing drinks and a good time.

“This game's better with a drink in your hand at all times,” David said with a laugh.

“You just try to get your team's balls closer to the target than the other,” David said of the rules. “You keep playing to a total score of 12… If you have the closest ball, your team will score. You can get up to four. If all four of your balls are closer than the other team's closest ball, you've got yourself a casino and that is cause for celebration.”

“It's so intense,” Peter described. “You want to win. You want to get the points, rack ‘em up.”

And it serves as a pick-me-ip during these winter blues.

The deadline to register for this particular group at Steny's was January 16, but the American Bocce Co. will be starting up leagues at three other bars in the city.

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