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Big turnout in Waukesha county for Day 1 of Early Voting

Posted at 6:05 PM, Oct 21, 2020
and last updated 2020-10-21 19:21:35-04

BROOKFIELD — The second day of early voting and the latest numbers show Waukesha County has come out in big numbers. Wednesday, there were steady lines at voting sites around Waukesha County as people came to cast their ballots. Many people said they voted early in-person because they were worried about the mail.

“Don’t trust it. Too many games going on,” said Garth Gerard, a New Berlin voter.

“I just feel more comfortable that way then putting it in the mail,” said Lolita Dresdow, a Brookfield voter.

Others people who say they normally would vote on Election Day in-person say they were worried about long lines come Nov. 3.

“Because of the pandemic, I thought I would vote early. Smaller crowds,” said Mary Szalanski, New Berlin voter.

“I think there will be less crowds,” said Gloria Gerard, a New Berlin Voter on why she voted early.

On Tuesday, the first day of early voting, 10,086 people voted in Waukesha County. Milwaukee County, which is more than twice the size Waukesha County had just a few more voters with 10,340 early voters.

The Brookfield City Clerk Kelly Michaels says their city normally sees a large number of early in-person absentee voters.

“This is very much like it was in 2016 during the Presidential Election. We had lines every single day,” said Michaels.

On top of that, Michaels says more people are choosing mail-in ballots. So she expects voter turnout in Brookfield overall to be very high.

“Up over 80 percent even into the 90s,” said Michaels.

“It’s an important election this year. It’s a big one,” said Todd Dresdow, Brookfield voter.

Michaels says Brookfield is averaging a 35-45 minutes wait for in-person early voting. They expect that to be the wait every day of early voting.

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