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Bel Canto Chorus pays tribute to Carlie Beaudin with a song

Posted at 10:26 PM, May 17, 2019

MILWAUKEE — During their final concert of the year, the Bel Canto Chorus honored Carlie Beaudin with a song.

Beaudin sang soprano with the group until her sudden death in January.

"She was just such a beautiful person inside and out and when she walked in the room everything just felt lighter and brighter," said Kate Schmitt, Managing Director for Bel Canto Chorus and a soprano who was close with Carlie.

Carlie was a trained opera singer. Music Director Richard Hynson said Carlie joined the group 3 years ago.

"She had very quickly made herself loved by everybody," said Hynson.

Beaudin was found killed outside Froedert Hospital. She worked there as a nurse practitioner.

While still coping with his wife's death Nick Beaudin was looking forward to seeing the Bel Canto Chorus.

"That 90-minute concert that was stuff that brought Carly a lot of peace and a lot of happiness," said Nick, "That’s something she loved so it’s going to be a really good thing to experience."

Before the group sang "In Paradisum" as a tribute to Carlie, her husband said a few words. He shared how he first noticed her singing, how they shared a love for music, how they would tease each other, and sometimes break out into random dance parties.

Preparing for Friday's performance has not been easy for the Bel Canto Chorus.

"Last night several of us were crying try to make it through the piece. It started hitting us what we were really doing today," said Schmitt, "It’s just really hard when you have someone that you’ve loved so much and has been such a big part of the group that to have them just disappear so quickly."

Her friends in the group said music has helped them grieve. This time it would help them celebrate Carlie's life.

"Her husband said something at the funeral about not being sad about losing her about being happy about the times we had with her so try to keep that in mind," said Kristin McGowan.

"This is our way to thank her for bringing that into our life and also give a peaceful farewell to her as well," said Schmitt.