Beating suspect arrested at Holy Hill, told deputies he wanted to die

The Washington County Sheriff has arrested a man who allegedly attacked his 13-year-old neighbor, and authorities are calling it attempted murder. 

The man was arrested Wednesday morning at Holy Hill after he asked police to shoot him.

Sheriff Dale Schmidt said the child was mowing his lawn when his neighbor in Richfield beat him repeatedly in the head. He then ran off leaving police to spend the next two days searching for him.

"He was simply on, operating this riding lawn mower and was struck from behind more than one time. Pretty severe blows to his head," Schmidt said.

The child's father found the teen on the ground, unconscious, and he was rushed to Children's Hospital. Deputies don't think there was any confrontation between the two before it happened. But they said they have dealt with the man in the past.

"Exact motivation by this individual we have in custody is really unknown at this point," Schmidt said. "Maybe some mental health issues."

Wednesday morning a worker at Holy Hill called police when they spotted the man.  When deputies approached he told them he wanted to die.

"Immediately went to the trunk of his vehicle and pulled out an object and sort of presented it to the deputy and made a statement telling him to, 'Shoot him'," Schmidt said.

The sheriff said at one point the man tried to run, and deputies used a taser on him multiple times before he was arrested.  It was surprising news to people staying at Holy Hill's guest house to observe one of the holy days.

"We are planning to stay here about three or four more days and it's scary," said Namrood Shiba, who is visiting from Chicago.

There have been no charges filed against the man yet. He is expected in court Thursday.


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