Bar fight lands partially blind Milwaukee man in the hospital

Posted at 6:07 PM, Sep 12, 2017

A man involved in a bar fight outside a southside Milwaukee bar is now in the ICU, and police are looking for the attackers.

The fight happened Saturday night outside the El Parian Bar on 29th and Burnham.  The victim, Ralph Poff, through his wife says that he got in a verbal altercation to defend the Hispanic bartender from customers that were harassing him.

The bar owner says he never felt threatened and was more concerned with Ralph’s increasingly agitated behavior. 

The customers Poff was arguing with left the bar and Ralph left shortly after. That’s when Ralph’s wife Paula says “he takes one step outside the door and gets clobbered on the left side of his head.” Poff then broke a window to the bar while trying to get help, his wife says. 

El Parian Bar owner Ricardo Montes says surveillance video shows all of what happened and that’s been turned over to police. Milwaukee Police are looking for the couple that left the bar, including the man who was in the fight. 

Poff remains in the ICU. He was already suffering from a heart condition and partial blindness and the altercation has complicated matters.