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Badgers announce first oral commitment for '22 season: Franklin QB Myles Burkett

Posted at 10:36 PM, Feb 02, 2021
and last updated 2021-02-03 08:05:56-05

MILWAUKEE — The Badgers want to keep the state's best football players in Wisconsin. They do that with their first recruit for the class of 2022, Franklin Quarterback Myles Burkett.

"The day I committed was on my Mom's birthday so, it's an exciting experience. I know she was super happy. She says it's one of the best birthdays she's ever had," Burkett says.

And with that, Franklin Quarterback Myles Burkett became the first oral commitment to the Badgers football recruiting class of 2022.

"They believed in me for me to be their first guy. And they put the weight on me to recruit guys to come play with me and play with our team," Burkett says.

After this picture, he said he wanted to play at Camp Randall. So who did Myles look up to?

"Russell Wilson. Hands down," Burkett says. "You know, I've emulated my game after him since I started playing quarterback. I've watched him from college all the way to where he is now. And you know, the way he plays the game, the way he carries himself and his character - It's something that I truly aspire to be."

Combined with Black History month, this is special.

"Playing quarterback as an African-American, you know, we get criticized a lot, for the way we play and the way we carry ourselves," Burkett says. "So trying to trend set. And to carry on with what people in front of me have done for me, to get me where I am today. It's definitely a blessing."

His goals are high for Wisconsin.

"National championship should be the goal," Burkett says.

But as a junior, he wants his Sabers senior year to go out, in style.

"You know, when I committed, the coaching staff here, we kind of just started a little bit, a thing called the last dance," Burkett says. "You know, it's the last dance for me and the last dance for the senior class here. We got a special group of guys. We've been hyped up since we were third graders, since we were little kids. So, it's now time to do it on the main stage. So you know, for me to be able to end my career at Camp Randall, and start my career at Camp Randall, that's the main goal right now."

Wednesday is football signing day for 2021. Now Burkett will try to guide the '22 class to join him with the Badgers.

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