Avalon Theater to show 'Pokemon: The First Movie' in wake of mega-popular Pokemon Go app

Avalon Theater to show 'Pokemon: The First Movie'  in wake of mega-popular Pokemon Go app
Posted at 9:53 AM, Jul 12, 2016

UPDATE: The Avalon Theater has run into a roadblock.

The theater had planned to show the 1998 film "Pokemon: The First Movie" but those plans have changed due to a rights issue.
A spokesperson said they may still have special screenings next week, but is unsure of times.


MILWAUKEE -- To celebrate the release of the mega-popular new smartphone app Pokemon Go, the Avalon Theater in Bay View will bring the first major motion picture about the pocket monsters back to the big screen.

"Pokemon: The First Movie," first released in 1998, will screen for one week only, starting Friday, July 15th. Tickets are $5, and also include a free, randomly selected Pokemon action figure.

Show times are as follows:

Friday 7/15: 4:40p / 7:00p/ 9:15p
Saturday 7/16: 2:20p / 4:40p / 7:00p / 9:15p
Sunday 7/17: 2:20p / 4:40p / 7:00p
Monday-Thursday 7/18-7/21: 4:40p / 7:00p

The "Pokemon Go" app has already reached incredible levels of popularity since its release last week, encouraging users to get outside and explore the world around them.

The app, which allows you to catch Pokemon "in real life" through augmented reality (read a good explanation in the New York Times here), has already reached an estimated 7.5 million downloads in the U.S. alone, raking in $1.6 million in revenue daily, according to estimates from TechCrunch.

That's not to say the game hasn't attracted its fair share of negative coverage as well. A teenager in Wyoming stumbled upon a real corpse while he was hunting for virtual characters, and police in Missouri say criminals have used the game to lure victims into robberies.

Still, Nintendo's latest creation genuinely seems to have struck on something, as legions of gamers are reporting sore legs and getting more exercise than they've had in years. The quest to catch 'em all continues.