Attorney requests Hoan Bridge safety documents after fatal accident

Posted at 9:34 PM, Feb 03, 2017
and last updated 2017-02-03 23:32:49-05

An attorney is now asking questions regarding the safety of the Hoan Bridge after a man was killed when drove over the guard rails. It happened on a day after a weekend snow storm, and there were piles of snow left on the bridge.

Surveillence video captured the exact moment Christopher Weber's truck started fishtailing and lost control. Weber's truck plunged 50 feet, and the medical examiner says he died on impact. After his truck fell, you can see the car immediately behind his spin out. Now an attorney for his family is asking for records on the bridge.

Steven Wassel sent letters to the Milwaukee County Sheriff's Office and Milwaukee Police Chief asking for "all documents, complaints, tapes, 911 calls, recordings, text messages, dispatches, or any other communication... regarding unsafe or hazardous conditions on the Hoan Bridge."

The crash happened on Monday, December 19, after a weekend snow storm dropped almost nine inches of snow. In the video, you can see the snow was piled up to the top of the bridge wall. His truck drove up the snow, and over the guard rail.

Several accidents were also reported that day due to black ice. The attorney is also asking the Milwaukee Department of Public Works for information including:

"All records of plowing, salting, sanding or other maintenance on the Hoan Bridge," along with "all written memoranda, policies, procedures, communications, or protocols in effect... regarding snow/ice removal for bridges in Milwaukee County."

The attorney filed the paperwork February 2. The departments have ten days to respond.

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