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AsianRican Foods fusing Asian and Puerto Rican meals and cultures together

It’s a blend of flavors that represents different parts of the world that creates an opportunity to learn about other cultures.
Posted at 6:56 PM, Sep 21, 2022
and last updated 2022-09-21 19:56:40-04

MILWAUKEE — A Milwaukee restaurant is blending Asian and Puerto Rican food and culture to create a one-of-a-kind taste. It's called AsianRican Foods.

The restaurant opened in June at 3300 Lincoln Avenue in the Layton Park neighborhood. They serve huge delicious portions of things like sweet and sour chicken next to Puerto Rican rice with either a spring roll or fried plantain on the side.

“Here in Milwaukee you always see a lot more Mexican taquerías or Asian restaurants, and now to bring the fusion of the Asian and Puerto Rican and all that together - it’s a new addition to what we already have with amazing food here on Lincoln," Leonardo Vega, the supervisor at the restaurant said.

AsianRican Foods
AsianRican foods is a Puerto Rican and Asian fusion restaurant on Lincoln Avenue.

AsianRican Foods is run by a husband and wife duo with roots in Puerto Rico and Laos. Vega is their godson. He grew up around this kind of food.

“There’s always been that mix of the Puerto Rican and the Asian food. There was never just we’re going to have Asian food this night. There was always a mix," Vega said.

It’s a blend of flavors that represents different parts of the world and creates an opportunity to learn about each culture.

Fried plantains from AsianRican Foods.

“A huge Puerto Rican community here and I think it’s time for everyone to start learning a little bit more about who we are," Vega said.

Because breaking bread means breaking barriers and with a fusion of food like this, we can understand where people are coming from a little bit more.

“I think it’s the best way to unite people," Vega said.

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