Arrowhead HS goes Gold for September

Posted at 10:42 PM, Sep 08, 2017

Friday night football is normally when students sport their school colors, but not tonight at Arrowhead High School. Arrowhead’s colors are red and Columbia blue. For their big rivalry game against Kettle Moraine, it was a perfect night to make a statement – the color gold isn’t all about fashion.

"Who would have thought that a fifth grader's idea could turn into something so monumental?” said Arrowhead sophomore Annie Bartosz.

Bartosz is talking about her own idea that sparked 5 years ago.

"Jack was my twin brother,” she said. “Right before our fourth birthday he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma which is a type of childhood cancer.”

“Annie came up with the idea for ‘Gold in September’ the night that my husband and I had to tell her that Jack was going to lose his battle with childhood cancer after a long 7 year battle,” said Annie’s mother Sarah Bartosz.

Jack died in 2012. Annie believed wearing gold in September could inspire action until there's a cure.

"Because I know there's pink in October, I know there's no shave November, but what's for childhood cancer?" she questioned. "Children are more precious than gold."

Annie started the movement. These shirts raise money for her organization called G9, a nonprofit that helps fund childhood cancer research and treatment.

"It's an easy thing to remember, just wear gold in September,” said Bartosz. “You don't have to donate money, but just spreading the awareness can help make a difference as well."

Earlier tonight, both teams and fans fundraised for G9.