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Anticipation rises for expected warm weather

Posted at 12:26 PM, May 22, 2019
and last updated 2019-05-22 13:26:23-04

Racine, WI - After days of yuck, warm weather is on the horizon.

Ernesto Delao lives in Racine. He said he’s looking forward to warmer weather, but right now, he isn’t pleased.

“[It's] terrible. Yeah, don’t you agree," said Delao.

An early morning rain moved out, but the wind moved in and some clouds are still lingering. Sunshine is expected to breakout by the afternoon, and Carol Hogue is hoping the Racine area will see temperatures in the 70s as she sits by the lake at Pershing Park, wishing the cold away.

“[It's been a long time coming] it really has. Can’t even get in your garden, although spring came anyhow,” Hogue said.

But as Hogue and a few others sit in their cars waiting for a warm up, Armando Barrios said he wouldn't trade this weather for anything.

“I love this weather," Barrios said. "I’m from Wisconsin, we’re used to this weather. It’s really not much."

The National Weather Service is also warning people in southeast Wisconsin to stay out of the water Wednesday because the large waves and dangerous currents could be deadly.