An expert's guide to traveling the world on the cheap

Posted at 9:39 PM, May 10, 2018
and last updated 2018-05-11 13:38:51-04

With Summer right around the corner, you might be looking to nail down your vacation plans. Travel Blogger, Sojourner White might be able to help.

“I’ve been to Spain, Portugal, England, Belgium, Czech Republic, Greece, Germany,” said White.

If you count it up, 23-year-old White's traveled to more places around the globe, than she has lived years on this Earth. And she says, it's wasn't as expensive as you think.

After teaching one year abroad in Spain,  Sojourner is now back home in Milwaukee. Blogging about her experiences in her nationally recognized site,  

“No one is paying $1,000 to go to Europe anymore,” said White.

So how is this so cheap? She snagged a pretty sweet deal.

“I flew back to surprise my brother for his wedding from Madrid to Chicago and it was under $500,” said White.  

But that's not the only tip. She showed TODAY'S TMJ4 sites like Scott's Cheap flights, The Flight Deal, and Skyscanner, all geared to helping you find a soaring sale.

Sojourner suggests if you want to head out the country, go to Chicago first where you'll save hundreds, sometimes thousands on a flight.

TODAY'S TMJ4 found this deal for around-tripticket to Beijing for less than $500.

“If you use the incognito window. The price will stay the same,” said White.

The travel guru stresses shopping around works for both domestic flights and places to stay.

“I just prefer to stay in hostels. They are not as scary as they may seem,” said White.

Those work for her, but, “for families, I would recommend Airbnb over hostels. Hostels are not that family friendly. They are bunk beds, that can get a little hectic,” said White. 

 These deals are just a runway to traveling for cheap.

 A new Nerd Wallet survey shows,  Americans lose out on $22 billion worth of free travel a year, by not cashing in on credit card points and airline miles.

Travel bloggers at The Points Guy show guides on how to get in the points game. One suggestion is to make your simple online purchases through an airline shopping portal or special browser, to help you rack up points.

“I'm always looking for the next place to eat and see,” said White.

That next place, Sojourner doesn’t know it yet. But a flight deal will be the start of her next adventure.

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