Alleged prostitution house shut down in Racine County

Two women taken into custody
Posted at 10:44 PM, Oct 10, 2016
and last updated 2016-10-10 23:49:18-04

In a quaint neighborhood near Union Grove High School, the Racine County Sheriff's Department shut down a suspected prostitution business. 

Two women in their late 20s were arrested for running the operation out of their home on Vine Street where deputies say they also found drugs.

"I was shocked.  I'm like really I live right across the street and I'm like I never noticed anything," neighbor Tracey Storck said. "I never would expect this at all.  It floors me."

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  • Neighbor Eric Richter moved his family, including two young children, to the village in order to stay away from situations like this.

    "I'm shocked.  I mean I would have never known and I live a couple hundred feet away," Richter said. "It is upsetting to know that that's happening in a neighborhood where there is kids and families around."

    Most people in the neighborhood are in disbelief, but it was neighbors who first alerted authorities to what Sheriff Christopher Schmaling calls a modern day brothel.

    "These are madams, if you will, who are in charge of a home that is used for the purpose of sale of sex," Schmaling said.

    Investigators say they found provocative internet ads featuring the two women living in the home. 

    "We were seeing the typical Johns, if you will, arriving, staying for a short period of time, and then leaving," Schmaling said. 

    Deputies posed as clients and arrested the two women. There is now a notice in the door from the landlord to vacate the premises.  Signs that children were living in the home are evident throughout the yard.

    "It's very disheartening when children are involved," said Schmaling. 

    The Sheriff's Department removed the children from the house. Schmaling believes they are now with other family members.

    The women are scheduled to appear in court Tuesday.

    The sheriff's department became aware of the situation mid September. Investigators are trying to determine how long it was going on.  Neighbors believe it might have been happening for years.