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After thief steals little girl's piggy bank, "The Bank Fairy" replaces it and neighbors help fill it

Posted at 9:30 PM, Nov 20, 2019
and last updated 2019-11-21 11:01:54-05

MILWAUKEE — A south side thief has been taking items from people's homes including a little girl's piggy bank. As Milwaukee Police search for the suspect, someone decided to brighten the girl's day and get her a new piggy bank.

Liliana Smith, 7, was feeling pretty down after someone broke into her house near 35th and Ramsey. A neighbor captured a photo of the alleged suspect who stole valuables from her parents and took her piggy bank.

"It just disappeared when we got home and we didn't know where it went," said Liliana.

The 7-year-old had plans to go toy shopping.

"I was saving up a lot of money to get something," said Liliana.

Liliana's home was not the only one hit near 35th and Ramsey.

Next door, Tina Mendez said her home was robbed two weeks ago. The thief took off with rifles, her camera equipment and her husband's wedding ring.

"I'm praying it will come back, it's all memento stuff," said Mendez.

Investigators say a third home had been hit before that.

As each of these victims wait for police to catch those responsible something sweet happened. Someone dropped this pink piggy bank off at Lilianna's door.

"Today the Bank Fairy gave me a piggy bank," said Lilianna.

The note said, "Hi, so I heard that your bank got lost. Well, here is a new one with a little help. Keep Saving? Love, The Bank Fairy."

That Bank Fairy told TODAY'S TMJ4 the whole block added money to Liliana's piggy bank, making her day!

"It's very cute and pink," said Lilianna. "I feel very happy."

She said she is going to go look for a special toy with her new bank.

Police are still trying to find the person or people responsible for the burglaries.