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A millennials dream, an avocado toast food truck

Posted at 6:00 PM, Apr 22, 2022
and last updated 2022-04-22 19:00:35-04

BROOKFIELD, Wis. — There is no doubt of two things: food trucks have become more popular in the last year and millennials are obsessed with avocado toast.

Well, one guy has combined those two things to create Vocado MKE. They only sell avocado toast inspired meals.

“Vocado MKE is Wisconsin's first avocado toast and avocado dish business," Evan Nevels, the owner of Vocado MKE, said.

He got the idea simply because he saw a lack of avocado toast options in and around Milwaukee. The food truck only operates during the spring and summer. They are closed for the winter. Saturday is the first day they will be out and about making avocado toast at the Elm Grove Earth and Arbor Day festival.

Avocado Toast
A slice of honey bunches avocado toast from Vocado MKE.

Each slice is about $8, but it comes with a hefty amount of toppings. They have some pretty mouth-watering creations too.

"One has strawberry and dark chocolate. Another one will be banana and cantaloupe micro greens. The caprese, which has mozzarella cheese and bruschetta sauce," he said.

In true food truck fashion, Nevels, has some interesting twists on the millennial favorite.

“But, we also have avocado ice cream that we'll be offering. Down the road, we’ll do avocado sandwiches and maybe soups.”

Avocado Toast
A slice of avocado toast from Vocado MKE costs about $8.00.

I'm a millennial of San Francisco, so of course I was going to love this food. But, one of Vocado MKE's employees is truly the biggest fan of avocado toast.

"I am the avocado girl," Sarah Goodfellow, a Vocado MKE employee said.

On the day of the interview, she wore an avocado toast t-shirt, avocado earrings, and brought an avocado-inspired purse.

Just to be clear, avocado toast is for everyone, not just millennials, but it's still a new and confusing concept to some generations.

"I am a millennial myself, and actually, we get a lot of customers that are so confused by avocado toast, they don't know what it is. Or they think that it's guacamole. Avocado toast is definitely not guacamole," Goodfellow said.

Find where the food truck will be each weekend by searching Vocado MKE on Facebook.

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