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8 questions we still have after the 'American Family Field' announcement

Posted at 4:13 PM, Jan 22, 2020
and last updated 2020-01-22 17:13:20-05

MILWAUKEE — We now know the new name of Miller Park starting in 2021, but after the announcement, we have more questions.

On Tuesday, American Family Insurance announced that Miller Park will be renamed American Family Field starting January 1, 2021.

The partnership extends through 2036, a 15-year deal. American Family Insurance has already changed the name of the Brewers' spring training facility to the American Family Field of Phoenix, but the stadium remains Miller Park until December of 2020.

Following the announcement, we are still left with a lot of questions. Eight specifically.

1. Will the road name be changed in addition to the stadium name?

Miller Park's address is currently 1 Miller Park Way but since Miller Park will no longer be called Miller Park, can we expect to see a change? If so, what will the new road name be?

Someone had a similar question on Twitter and American Family Insurance gave a very vague answer...

2. Will we still see Miller beer at the stadium?

Currently, the stadium sells a wide variety of MillerCoors beers. Do we need to start worrying about losing those beers?

According to the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in a response to the renaming announcement, Miller said, "While the name on the stadium will change after the 2020 season, we fully expect Brewers fans inside and outside the stadium will continue to celebrate every home run and every strikeout with one of our beloved brands."

3. What will the new signage look like at the stadium?

Obviously, the signage on the outside of Miller Park is going to have to change, but what can we expect it to look like? American Family Insurance currently has naming rights for the amphitheater at Summerfest. Can we expect the signage to look similar to the American Family Insurance colors?

4. Can we expect any physical changes to the stadium beside the signage?

Since American Family Insurance is joining the mix, are they going to want to make any changes to the stadium as a whole? We are thinking it is possible due to a Brewers blog post that states, "The two organizations will also work on marketing and promotional initiatives to enhance the fan and customer experience in both the stadium and in the community."

5. Will American Family Insurance have anything to do with the new restaurant name in the park?

At the end of 2019, TGI Friday's closed its doors at Miller Park. All employees were laid off and the business shut down completely. Then, months later, the Brewers announced the new restaurant will be called "Restaurant to be Named Later." However, with this new deal, can we expect a name for the restaurant and will American Family Insurance be involved? Or, will they simply keep the name "Restaurant to be Named Later?"

6. Is there a chance we will start seeing Brewers players in American Family Insurance ads?

Are Brewers players involved in this new partnership? If they are, does that mean we will start seeing Brewers stars in American Family Insurance commercials?

Currently. American Family Insurance has a commercial with Derek Jeter, a former baseball player who currently works for the Miami Marlins. Will he be replaced by a Brewer?

7. Will the American Family Insurance logo start showing up on Brewers merchandise?

We don't know a lot about this partnership between the Brewers and American Family Insurance so we ask this: will there be American Family Insurance logos on Brewer products? There weren't MillerCoors logos on Brewers' Merchandise in the past, but maybe this new deal is different.

American Family Insurance made a snarky response to a Twitter user and mentioned that they don't THINK their name will be on merchandise. For now, that's the only answer we've got.

8. Will there be new vendors at the stadium?

There are many vendors at Miller Park selling food and drinks. But, will some of these change or undergo renovations because of this new partnership? Does American Family Insurance have deals with other vendors, and will American Family Insurance want to implement them into the new "American Family Field?"

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