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7-year-old boy donates hundreds of toys to Children's Hospital of Wisconsin

Posted at 5:45 PM, Dec 15, 2017
and last updated 2017-12-15 18:45:32-05

A seven-year-old boy is collecting toys for kids spending their holiday in the hospital. 

Cody Struble collected 1,176 toys, and this afternoon his family loaded up every box into their trucks to bring to the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin.

Cody's mom, Sonia Ericksen, said the idea came about two years ago when Cody found out that hospitals stay open on Christmas and the children don't get to go home. 

"He told me we have to do something for the kids' mom, we have to," Ericksen said.

He began the toy drive last year donating 518 toys. 

This year, Cody began collected toys Nov. 1 through  Dec. 10 and within a month Cody has collected nearly 1,200 toys. 

"He's going to put 1,200 smiles on faces this holiday season," said Christopher Schmaling, the Racine County Sheriff.

All of the stuffed animals collected from Cody's toy drive are separated and given to law enforcement. An organization called Faith, Love and Hope will take them and create bags to put in every squad car in Racine County.

"Often times our first interaction with children is one of those 'law enforcement functions' and sometimes it's not the most pleasant interaction," Schmaling said. "It really builds the bridge of trust and understanding that we're there to help the community and children."

Cody's only request, to sit in the squad car. 

"Merry Christmas!" Cody says over the sirens and police speakers, "59-3 dispatch we have toys for children." 

Although he won't see the faces of every child who receives a toy, he says he knows they'll be amazed.