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4 tips to keep your home from flooding this week as rain moves in

Posted at 2:30 PM, Feb 19, 2018

During this time of year, frozen ground makes it harder for water to soak into the soil. So when even a small amount of rain falls, it can lead to a flooding risk both on the streets and in your basement.

Brian Kammer from Badger Basement Systems, a waterproofing and repair company in Jefferson County, shared four tips for homeowners.

  1. Check your sump pumps. Make sure they're operational and plugged in. Battery operated backup systems are always good in case the power goes out.
  2. Make sure the discharge line for your pump isn't frozen on the outside of your home so the water has somewhere to go.
  3. Downspouts extended out away from the home so runoff from the roof doesn't flood around the home.
  4. Make sure there aren't excess amounts of snow piled up around the home. As the snow melts, it will add to the existing ground water and make the problem worse.

Kammer says they're expecting Tuesday to be a busy day for calls as damage becomes more known.

"Lots of issues with water in the basement seeping out is probably the types of calls we’ll be getting," he said. "For the homeowners who don’t always have water in their basement, this is one of those times they can experience it and wonder why it’s happening."

Clearing snow away from storm drains outside your home can also alleviate flooding risks in your neighborhood.

The Milwaukee Department of Public Works had crews out today to make sure storm drains in low lying areas were clear of any snow or debris.